Munch Mask

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Natalia Blanco - ene blanco - Munch Mask

How can we adapt to new scenarios without losing our basic nature? New threats usually demand new rules, and that’s how protection masks became an essential element in our daily lives. However most masks don’t adapt to our everyday routines - they cover great part of the face, making it still and they interfere in some basic activities such as eating. The Munch Mask is a protection mask that acts as a sensorial and stimulating element while promoting gesture expression and body language. Chewing can increase levels of satiety and induce reward circuits by stimulating gut hormones. Chewing also acts as a display of mouth activity and facial expression. The aim of the concept is to go beyond the protection feature. By adding shapes that stimulate the sense of touch in the mouth and edible flavoured rubber-like material, the taste and olfatory senses go through a journey that relate to the eating experience. By giving mobility to the mask, mouth movement suggests a peculiar way of expression and communication. Instagram - @ene_blanco