Au diable Vauvert

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JPBD - Au diable Vauvert

In the Middle Ages, the expression “au diable Vauvert” meant to venture into a dangerous and long expedition. For this it was better to be equipped with the appropriate equipment as well as the bare necessities. In our time I feel the same need to equip myself before going out to the grocery stores to buy my daily bread. The idea is to create a small magnetic horn on the visor of the caps. We can place two or three depending on the style we want to give, to allow to place a PVC anti-UV colored or smoked film. I use this fashion accessory, which is the cap, to graft my accessory. This is an idea of reinterpreting the Medical Shield for the public domain and easily usable for children as well. We use a magnet to hold a colored PVC film and anti UV. Instagram - @jpbonzon